Self regulation guide 


Self-regulation is all about having the ability to manage our emotions and respond to what our bodies need in any given situation. Self regulation is not self control, suppressing our emotions or seeking compliance. Self regulation is making sense of our experience and bringing back safety at the nervous system level. 


Young children do not have the ability to self regulate. They depend on their parents and borrow their regulation. So what essentially supports young children is coregulation. Their calm depends on our ability to stay calm. So first of all we must bring awareness to our own triggers and notice if we are self regulated enough to offer our calm to a dysregulated child. 


It is important to remember that self-regulation is a skill. It is possible to help our children develop self regulation by modelling it for them. By exploring what to do in the moments of stress and dysregulation. The important thing is that this exploration process needs to happen during calm moments and not when the child is dysregulated. Keeping all of this in mind, I created a 30 day self regulation guide for you and your child. Shifting our mindset helps us work toward the goal of building a skill. And just like learning to play the piano or learning to express themselves, building a skill takes practice. That’s where this gift comes in. I am here to help your kiddos cultivate their self regulation skills with this 30 day self regulation guide and calendar to track your progress. The goal is not to do it perfectly but the goal is the work yours and their self regulation muscle.


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