Play ideas

Play meets our children’s needs of discovery, exploration, connection, healthy, vitality, joy and so much more. I often hear from parents when they share their parenting experience that the days are long but the years are short. And as a parent myself, I completely understand that the days can feel extremely long. That is why play ideas and activities are one of my go to parenting tools that I rely on to encourage play, reset our days, introduce creativity, and give myself a break when I can. Here are a few simple activities with little to no prep that I have compiled for you and I hope it is supportive in your parenting journey. 


There are over 100 activities here divided by categories so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. These activities are divided by age, and there are activities to introduce different festivals that are celebrated all around the world. You will also find activities that are rooted in learning letters, numbers, shapes, patterns, science.


Hope you try them and both you and you bub enjoy doing them! Happy connecting and happy parenting 



Activities by age – Babies, tabies and toddlers.


Toddlers –



Tabies –


Babies –

Learning activities – numbers, letters, shapes and patterns, colours, science

Number learning activities


Letter recognition activities


Shape and patterns recognition




Colour recognition


Seasons of the year  – Spring, summer, autumn, winter


Spring / Summer –




Festivals/ Celebrations – Halloween, Easter, Diwali, Valentines day, Christmas








Valentines day




Toy guides

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